My Type 2 Diabetes: The Online Education Course

My Type 2 Diabetes: The Online Education Course

My Type 2 Diabetes, is aimed for anyone that is at risk of developing, or has already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This course aims to give you the information you need to know about what type 2 diabetes is, what it might mean for your health and what you’ll have to do to manage it. We hope to help you feel confident in managing your condition and support you in making decisions that result in the best possible health outcomes for you.

This course has 7 sections to work through in total:

  • What is diabetes?
  • Diagnosing diabetes
  • Managing diabetes with lifestyle
  • Managing diabetes with medication
  • Managing diabetes with medication
  • Monitoring diabetes
  • Complications of diabetes
  • Living with diabetes

The courses cover a variety of different topics, not all of which may be relevant to you. Most of the information has been written by people with diabetes who have had the same problems that you might be having, or can understand what the problems could be.

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5 thoughts on “My Type 2 Diabetes: The Online Education Course”

  1. My diabetes is under control as long as I take my pills and try to eat small meals but I also have vascular dementia which makes it hard for me to think have I eaten or not and what I had and when so if iam no a sleep which I do a lot now and cannot remember were I am so have to keep asking my husband ,I look forward to reading your items and I see it is not just me

  2. This course is much better than the one called “Diabetes Epidemic” available on Future Learn, where the videos were far too long, dull, boring and geared at professionals.
    This course contains similar information but in a much easier to read, navigate and digest format.

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