Know your limits

Know your limits

Many people enjoy drinking alcohol to relax, but drinking too much alcohol can damage health in many ways. Both men and women are recommended not to regularly exceed 14 units of alcohol per week and to have at least 2 alcohol-free days every week.

Do you know what 14 units look like?

6 pints of lager
6 medium glasses of red wine
14 single shots of whisky

It is also not advised to ‘save up’ your weekly allowance and binge-drink it all in one day. 

This alcohol calculator here can be useful to give you a real idea of how much you actually drink, noting that many drinks contain more than 1 unit of alcohol. 

 For more information about this, see the NHS website.  The Drinkaware website also has a lot of information about the alcohol content of drinks and how to count units. 

This is a useful fact sheet to remind you of the risks of drinking too much.

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